Bridge Over River


"Michelle is a powerhouse of love and wisdom who can see through to the heart of any person or situation with a natural ease. I feel at home in her presence and capable of anything I dream up. If you're looking for a coach who will help you go beyond what you thought was possible for yourself, this is your woman!" -M.F.



Mental illness brings silence. 

While you’re caring for your loved one, who’s looking after you? 

Living with a family member with mental illness is a challenge like no other. It’s an ongoing dance between caregiving and managing family dynamics. 

Meanwhile, you’re dealing with your own life challenges.

It can be too much and lead to:

  • Loneliness

  • Feelings of inadequacy

  • Feeling lost and out of control

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Poor quality of life

  • Burnout

Mental illness is complex and there’s still considerable stigma. 

It’s the silence that hurts. 

It’s the helplessness that causes damage. 

It’s the lack of tools that keeps the roller coaster going.

No more. 

Are you ready?

Working with me will help you with:

  • Understanding the symptoms of mental illness

  • Tools to cope through difficult times

  • Learning that you don’t need to be on the roller coaster with them

  • Becoming proactive rather than reactive

  • Learning to look after yourself

  • Feeling in control

  • Building mental wealth

“I don’t talk to anyone about it because I don’t want my family to stress out… I can’t thank you enough for the session today.”

- S.W., Client

“Thank you for the gift of knowledge. Thank you for being such a presence.”

- R., Client

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