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"Michelle is a powerhouse of love and wisdom who can see through to the heart of any person or situation with a natural ease. I feel at home in her presence and capable of anything I dream up. If you're looking for a coach who will help you go beyond what you thought was possible for yourself, this is your woman!" -M.F.



Mental unwellness comes from a place of:

  • Feeling broken

  • Feeling not good enough

  • Feeling hopeless and helpless

  • Feeling silenced

  • Feeling as though we’re drowning

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. 

But silence keeps us feeling alone. 

Repeat after me: I can do this.

Working with me will give you a safe, supportive space, as I help guide you through the challenges that lie ahead and equip you with mental wealth

We’ll work through: 

  • A clear path through the mess

  • Letting go of self-defeating patterns

  • Filling your toolbox with skills to manage stress and overwhelm

  • Building self-assurance, self-confidence, and accountability 

  • Finding your voice and articulating your needs 

  • Building your mental wealth and empowerment

  • Becoming the authentic you

Put you first. It’s time. 

Whaddya think? 

Let’s pull up those socks and get to working on you. 

You do know how awesome you are, right?

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.”

- Elizabeth Gilbert

“Michelle was able to identify specific strategies and actionable tips to help me progress from session to session. Not only did Michelle help me make a smooth career shift, she helped me in all other facets of my life.”

- N.G., Client

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